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Monday , 13 July 2020


“The Fear of No”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 1

Fear of no

Ehud Segev the Mentalizer talks about a great tip he uses when negotiating. Listen to this interesting concept of negotiation during corona virus to lower your rent or other payments. We are so afraid of hearing the word NO that we sometimes rather not even ask. CONTACT “Story of Struggle”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 2 “Reasoning”: Negotiation During …

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“Story of Struggle”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 2

"Story of Struggle": Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 2

Ehud Segev the Mentalizer shares another great tip he uses when negotiating especially during this covid19 pandemic. Listen to this interesting concept of negotiation during corona virus to lower your rent or other payments by implementing Segev's great concept of SOS: Story of Struggle. While watching this video you'll learn how our story of struggle can help us achieve better …

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“Reasoning”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 3

"Reasoning": Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 3

Reasoning is one of the most powerful tools a mentalist uses when he is trying to negotiate a great deal. Check out the 3rd part in Ehud Segev, the Mentalizer, negotiation during covid19 series to learn one of this most important techniques in improving your communication skills while negotiating and get a better deal. CONTACT “The Fear of No”: Negotiation …

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4 body language hacks to release anger and other negative emotions

Release Anger Body Language

Emotions – both positive and negative – are beneficial should be adequately expressed. It happens though that a lot of people tend to suppress anger and other emotions to fit what they think is ‘socially-approved’ behavior. The thinking is that by hiding anger (or other negative emotions), you will not be seen as a ‘cry baby’. The resultant bottling up …

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How to use body language to raise your mood

Your body speaks to both the internal and the external world. Your body language has a major impact not only on how others perceive you, but also on who you are as a person. Bad posture impacts your physiological health, affects your mental outlook, and tells people a nasty story about yourself. Some of the biggest winners in life have …

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6 Incredible Benefits of Good Posture

Great Posture

Benefits of good posture, benefits of proper posture, advantages of good posture, why you should maintain good posture, good posture tips Did you know that the way you sit, stand and walk has profound implications on your mood and happiness? Various studies have pointed out that good posture has many more benefits than just reducing back pain and building your …

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5 Surefire Ways to Improve your People Skills

Improve people skills

Interpersonal relationships are a very important aspect of your personal and professional life. Given that we encounter new people almost daily, it’s paramount that we work on our skills to better relate to others. Although human behavior is not something that can be defined by simple rules, there are certain things you can do to be nicer, friendlier, and more …

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7 Ways Positive Body Language Can Change your Life for the Better

You probably already know that positive body language can have a profound impact on your life. Amy Cuddy, a Harvard scientist who has dedicated her studies to the impact of body language on success, confidence, and influence, argues that positive body language can have a powerful effect on anyone. Positive body language refers to things like active listening, proper eye …

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Pursuing a Goal Right Now? Here’s Why your Mindset is Everything!

You probably have heard it before – mindset is everything. Mindset refers to the established set of attitudes that you hold. Since you can’t control what happens in life, the best you can do is control your mindset. Your brain is wired to think in a specific way, but we all have the power to reprogram our mental circuits so …

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4 Surprising Facts About Reading Body Language

Nonverbal communication forms a social language that is deeper than our words can ever be. Mastery of nonverbal communication can bestow unique advantages in both your personal and business life. This perhaps explains why so many life skills coaches emphasize on the important of understanding body language. As you embark on your journey to master body language so you can …

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