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Saturday , 30 May 2020


Go Mental

If you are skeptical about magic, bending spoons, reading minds and all of those kinds of things, than The Mentalizer is the show for you. If you believe there is an explanation behind every trick, that every movement is just a sleight of hand, than this show is also for you. If you want to get annoyed over things that …

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Surprising the skeptical with the supernatural

Mentalist Ehud Segev, an Israeli spiritualist and psychic entertainer, can bend a spoon by staring at it, guess which pop song is in your head, and predict which of 52 cards is in your hand… But in his new off-Broadway show “Anomal”, Segev also shares the high and low points of his life in a series of monologues. We spoke …

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The Blackest Magic

It was 2:30 a.m. when constables from the office of the Israeli Ambassador to Mexico knocked on the door of Ehud Segev's hotel room in Cancun. Weeks before they appeared, Segev sensed that something terrible was about to happen…

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The Mentalist off-Broadway show ANOMAL (DVD)

The Mentalist off-Broadway show “ANOMAL – a story of a supernatural boy” is now available on DVD!!! ANOMAL – THE DVD “ANOMAL – story of a supernatural boy” is Ehud Segev's off-Broadway hit play which received critical acclaim for the fact that it is half play half mentalism act. This DVD comes with the actual play that was produced and …

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Old Trailers and More!

Thank you for surfing to our mentalism MEDIA page of the mentalist Ehud Segev. Here is one of Ehud Segev's old trailers: Ehud Segev has performed in numerous TV shows and on theater stages all over the world. We have collected some of his mentalism acts and posted them here for you to enjoy. Please click one of the following …

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About mentalist Ehud Segev the Mentalizer

Ehud Segev, the Mentalizer

World renowned mentalist Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer, was born in 1979 in the Israeli city of Safed, long known as the spiritual center of the Jewish world. In the 16th century, Safed emerged as the City of Kabbalah. Most of the great scholars and Rabbis who studied and taught the secrets of Kabbalah, an esoteric school of thought native …

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Thank you for contacting The Mentalizer

Thank you for contacting the Mentalizer. Ehud Segev will get back to you within 24 hours. If you'd like – feel free to call Ehud anytime Toll Free 866.ReadMyMind (866-732-3696) in the US, or call +1-313-444-4447 from abroad. We assure you that you have made the right choice, and we guarantee that the guests of your upcoming event will be …

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Free Report: 9 Steps to Influence

Thank you for your interest in the FREE REPORT by Ehud Segev, based on his bestselling book “9 Steps to Influence”. If you like it, don't forget to BUY the full book, that will change the way you live your life. Click here to get a special coupon for the book.

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