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Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Top tips to live a positive, productive life

Have you ever felt guilty of your past doings, or things failing to go according to plan? If yes, it’s probably the high time for you to regain composure of your attitude and life. A stable attitude and staying positive and constructive even during hard times makes your life more productive and easy. Avoid living in the past and start ... Read More »

5 Ways Not to Lose Hope in Life

There will always be difficult times in your life. You might have a severe illness, fail in your business, or lose your job. Whatever it might be, it is important that you do not lose hope. If you have faith you will go through any situation no matter how hard it may be. Losing faith in life will only drag ... Read More »

The 7 mysteries of the human mind

The human body is the most complex part of all objects in the universe. There are so many neurons in the brain and thus it’s not a wonder that despite all recent advances in the science of the brain we still find ourselves squashing in the dark. But at least with the advent of the imaging brain technology, we can ... Read More »

Learn to follow your intuition

We have all been there. You strongly feel that you know something, but you can’t explain how you came to that conclusion – rationally. It’s commonly referred to as ‘gut feeling’, or ‘instinct’ and usually turns out to be right. Life is not a straight path; there are many hills and valleys, and crossroads as well. Your intuition can help ... Read More »

Do dreams really mean something?

Every 90-120 minutes each night, every single person on earth is dreaming. Hard to believe, right? You may or may not remember most of your dreams. Sometimes, they are as straightforward as they could ever get: a reconnection with a lost friend, winning a lottery jackpot, etc. But often, dreams are complicated in that they don’t tell a simple story. ... Read More »

How to Decode Emotions in Text Messages

Human beings communicate through words, facial expressions, sounds and body language. Without paying attention to all these factors of communication, interactions can be confusing. The misunderstandings are even more possible when people are communicating through text messages, where it’s just words being exchanged. In this case, there’s no sound, expressions or body language to back up the message. So how ... Read More »

Did You Know That Your Body Is Capable Of These Super Powers?

Super Strength

You probably have heard a motivational speaker say that your body is capable of many things, and they just might have been right. 99% of the time, the most incredible capabilities of both your brain and your body has are hidden from you. But you’ll be surprised just what you might be able to do. Take a look at these ... Read More »

4 Weird Manifestations of 6th Sense

Sixth Sense

All human beings have 5 senses that have a physical location (ears, eyes, tongue, nose, skin), and one that doesn’t. The 6th sense is only a feeling, which is why it’s often very hard to explain. We all have strange senses that are hard to make sense of. Below are the 4 most common. 1.      Human beings can smell emotions ... Read More »

Body Language Tips for Networking

Body language can be extremely powerful, especially when it comes to networking and cultivating relationships with others. Within the first few seconds after meeting new people, they will have formed an impression of you. For purposes of effective networking, it’s important that you fine-tune your body language so that you come across the board as warm and approachable. Below are ... Read More »

The 3 Pillars to Optimum Mental and Physical Health


Of course, nutrition and exercise are key to good physical and mental health. But that’s not all there is. Regardless of who you are, there are three key things that you can do on a daily basis that go a long way towards determining your quality of life. These three things are the foundation of who you become. They are ... Read More »

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