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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
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Body Language Tips for a Better Workplace

To have an effective workplace is essential for having a good running workmate relationship. And to have a good relationship between employees and the management is to have a good running company or business. If the workplace of a certain company is an open workplace, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and concern about the management and for the betterment ... Read More »

What Does Smirking Really Mean?

Ah, the smirk. The ever-so confusing body language that's associated with many things. These include passive aggressiveness, smugness, egoism and even pride. However, just like any other body language, smirking can take on different meanings depending on the person or the situation. For instance, smirking at your friend could just be a little tease. But on the other hand, smirking ... Read More »

Body Language Secret: The Meaning Behind the Smile

Smile is a mysterious part of your everyday life. There are different types of smiles, and sometimes, it leaves you wondering what they really mean. A quick study of body language can clue you in on the type of smile that they're using. Here are some tips to know the meanings behind smiles: Closed Smile A smile where the lips are ... Read More »

Knowing Your Boss’s Body Language

Your boss: the ever enigmatic figure in your office whose body language you always seem to over interpret. At any rate, you feel that your boss's body language will always feel to have weight on you. For your boss, everything she/he does is just a simple action – a subconscious action that just happened. For you, her/his sighs or chin rubbing ... Read More »

How Does Your Mood Affect an Entire Crowd?

Your mood is a powerful tool when engaging with crowds of people. When you speak in front of a crowd in an excited voice, they will feel excited and anticipate your next sentence. Similarly, when you speak in a happy tone or walk in a skipping manner, the people around you will also feel a little boost. However, when your ... Read More »

What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About Yourself

People have always wondered how much your handwriting tells about you; your habits, your moods, attitude and disposition. But before we delve into handwriting recognition, it pays to know and understand non verbal communication. They say you can learn a lot about a person even before you get to talk to him face to face. When it comes to the basic ... Read More »

Misleading Body Language to Avoid

Body language is one of the most important forms of nonverbal communication. It consists of your gestures, facial expressions and eye movements. However, most people send body language signals subconsciously. Most of the time, though, body language can be misleading, especially when it's done subconsciously. Here are some body language signals that can be misleading: Wrong Eye Contact. Eye contact is ... Read More »

Body Language: Introvert or Disinterest?

Body language is the main culprit when people sense what you're up to. Body language plays a big role in nonverbal communication, where you leave things unsaid. It can usually be detected by your tone, pitch, facial expression and even the way you stand. These are all signs that people miss when they solely rely on voice during communication. Most ... Read More »

What Does Your Breathing Pattern Mean

There are different ways on how to read the body language of a person. It can be read through eye contact, smile, facial expression, and legs and arms movements. And do you know that breathing patterns have meanings in body language too?  Breathing and emotions have connections. Feelings can be read through breathing and when your emotions change, your breathing pattern ... Read More »

Reasons You’re Not Good at Reading Body Language

Reading and interpreting people’s acts and gestures are special skills because not everyone has this ability; instead it is being learned and studied. You can’t always say that the kind of gesture like showing a peace sign has always the meaning of being cool or making peace. In other cultures like in Great Britain, it may seem offensive. Another common example ... Read More »

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