Tuesday , 5 July 2022
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How To Be A Mentalist

LESSON 5: Memory | Part 1

How to develop super memory by Ehud Segev the Mentalizer

Remember Everything by Understanding How Memory Work Is memory real? What do you really remember from your past? Do we really remember what happened to us or do we invent our past by writing it as we’re pleased? How the brain works and what IS memory? And can our brain remember everything we want it to remember? In today’s lesson …

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LESSON 4: How to Read Minds for Real

How to Read Minds for Real by Ehud Segev the Mentalizer

Utilizing Body Language, NLP and Super Memory Thank you for taking the time to study another lesson in my program “How to be a Mentalizer”. My name is Ehud Segev, and if this is the first lesson you read please be sure to subscribe to my program, and start by reading my lessons from the beginning as they build on …

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LESSON 3: Read Minds by Practicing Active Listening

Read minds with active listening

Are mentalizers born or made? Actually, it could be both. Let me explain: just as some of us have a natural predisposition towards music, while others are tone-deaf; and certain people have a “scientific mind,” whereas others are more artistic, the same could be said about mentalism: some of us have, from a very young age, special talents that enable …

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LESSON 2: What is the difference between the brain and the mind?

What is the difference between the brain and the mind

Welcome to the second episode of my program How to be a Mentalizer. My name is Ehud Segev and I have created this program in order to help you learn how to use your mind in order to achieve your goals and dreams.My first episode was released a week ago, and I received hundreds of emails and messages from my …

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LESSON 1: What is Mentalism?

How to be a Mentalist? Full lesson by world renowned mentalizer and motivational speaker Ehud Segev

Welcome to my brand new, exciting program that will give you an “inside” glimpse into the fascinating world of mentalism.As I travel and give performances around the world, many people who come to see my shows ask me what it takes to become a “mentalizer” (conjecture of the words “mental” and “analyzer”) like myself. Are you one of those people …

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Recommended Brain Boosters

Brain Supplements Recommendations

I understand how important it is to feed your brain with the right food, supplements and minerals. Here you will find a collection of specific products I am using or products I have tested and thought are worth recommending to my students. Below you will find 3 reputable products that works very well and can assist you in different circumstances. …

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Exercise your brain

At least once a week, solve a sudoku puzzle. Here's a great website to solve sudoku online. As you get better, start counting how much time it takes you to complete a puzzle. Then start doing more difficult versions. Let us know how you're doing 🙂 https://www.websudoku.com/

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Coming soon… We are currently gathering all the information we need to keep this page packed with all the relevant information we discuss in our classes. Stay tuned.

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