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Tuesday , 14 July 2020

How To Be A Mentalist

Can I really learn how to read minds?

If you believe mind-reading is a special skill only reserved for psychics and magicians, you are wrong. It’s an innate capability of the human mind. It’s something you’re able to do from deep within. But since you haven’t experimented and trained yourself, you miss it all the time. Reading minds happens at a subtle level. With enough training, focus, time, …

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6 Things Mentalists Do Very Well

Mentalist Ehud Segev

Mentalism is an art of the mind that revolves around such abilities as clairvoyance, telepathy, mind reading and control. True mentalism is very different from magic. Given the right focus and effort, nearly everybody can be a mentalist! Truly. The secret to the special abilities of mentalism is hidden deep in your psychology. By learning various mentalism tricks that will …

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When is it time to give up on a dream?

On the road to reaching our dreams both personal and professional we all can expect to encounter obstacles. Some large, and some small. Commitment in the face of these kind of setbacks can help you gain character as well as force you to re-commit to your original goal or dream. However, what happens when the end no longer justifies the …

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Mentalist Secrets

Mentalist Secrets Of Ehud Segev The Mentalizer

Mentalist Secrets Revealed! I wanted to unlock the secrets behind this beautiful art called Mentalism. Why? Because after the article that was published about me in the “Wall Street Journal” everyone I meet in the street (and not just Wall Street!) stops me and asks me if I can teach him (or her) some mentalist secrets! But that's when I …

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Lesson One | How to be a mentalist

The Mentalizer Course: HOW TO BE A MENTALIST By Ehud Segev The Mentalizer OFFER EXPIRED BUT YOU CAN STILL ACCESS THE SECRETS: Make sure you join my list so you'll get all my Mentalizer secrets and tips for using your brain to achieve success in life: Email * First name Last name Introduction | What is a mentalist? This is the …

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How to become a mentalist

You want to be a Mentalist? Ehud Segev, the world's greatest mentalist, wants to teach you how. Segev is currently working on a wonderful guide for regular people, just like you, who wish to study the art and techniques of real Mentalism. Unlike Mentalism for entertainment which is a wonderful world as well, full of tricks and secret methods that …

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