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Thursday , 18 July 2019
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The Mentalizer in the News

The mentalist power of the sixth sense

DECCAN HERALD It was an exciting evening at F Bar where Mentalist Ehud Segev from Israel floored the guests with his psychokinetic powers… Mentalist Ehud Segev grew up influenced by spiritual and physical laws in safed, a town in Israel, with rabbais and scholars teaching Kabbalah – a body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, often based on an esoteric ... Read More »

The Mentalist Mystic Mission

At 12 he borrowed a complete shelf of books on mysticism and spiritualism from the library. At 13, everybody recognized him, but no one knew his real name. When he was 19, he predicted the results of the elections for the mayor's post in Israel and proved right. Mentalist Ehud Segev, popularly known as “The Mentalizer” in Israel displayed his ... Read More »

Just Mental

Psychic Designs: Bending spoons or telling you about the future, both come easily for Ehud Segev. Nicknamed the ‘Mentalizer' while he was still a kid, Segev uses his mind to play tricks on his audience. “When people ask me how many people perform in my show, I tell them 100. Me and my audience,” this Broadway (yes, the one in ... Read More »

The Twister

Ehud Segev, The Mentalizer, bent spoons and twisted silverware at Someplace Else, on 14 November. It was an entertaining, enthralling and ingeniously eccentric evening! Read More »

Mystic Mind

He confesses that he was a “weird boy” at the age of five, a sentiment most of his classmates at school shared. Now, that trait seems to have come in rather handy, taking him across the world, dazzling audiences, all with the powers of his mind. Ehud Segev – aka the Mentalizer – is a magician who uses no tricks. ... Read More »

Mentalist Ehud “The Mentalizer” Segev

THE BLUE PRINT The Mentalist Ehud Segev, a.k.a “The Mentalizer”, intertwines magic, spirituality and his own abilities to deliver what often resembles remarkable predictions. Born in Safed, Israel, Segev has lived in the United States for two years. In that time, he has become a phenomenon, displaying his special abilities to mysticize his audience… Read More »

Ehud Segev: “The New Horatio Alger”

Ehud Segev, 24, loves this country. He is a talented sophisticated young actor, performer, entertainer and… mentalizer, as well. He is a new star, a member of a new tribe of people who see America as their new social frontier. They were Americanized before they became newcomers to this universal continent, the “new world.” They espoused the American values, they ... Read More »

Kabbalah, The show

It all started with Madonna. Ever since the pop icon started delving into Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism has acquired a halo of not just respectability, but outright faddishness. But what is the true power of this esoteric science? Ehud Segev , whose “The Mentalizer Show” opened Sunday at the Theatre Row on West 42nd Street, says he can demonstrate how a ... Read More »

Hot list – What You Need to Know This Week: Spiritual Crisis

As if having Britney Spears tote a $425 “text” while Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher plan to fully the Holy Land with a kabbalah wedding weren't enough to undermine a shaky religion, “The Mentalizer Kabbalah Show” stars a mentalist who uses kabbalah to move things. Tickets, of course, are incredibly inflated at $42.50. At the Studio Theater, 410 W. 42nd ... Read More »

The Phenomenon

This week I interviewed a real phenomenon. Something it will be hard to describe in a newspaper: Ehud Segev… (Translated from Hebrew, Israel – 1998) INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK By Doron Shnaper Segev, a 19 year-old guy from Rosh-Pinna, possesses a special power that no one else has. “I've always engaged with mysticism. At the age of 12, during a ... Read More »

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