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Thursday , 5 December 2019
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The Mentalizer in the News

Hocus Pocus’ New Focus

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS New Age mysticism mixes with old-fashioned magic in two new Off-Broadway shows. “Phenomena” features magician Belinda Sinclair. “The Mentalizer” stars Israeli mentalist Ehud Segev, but the performers go beyond a dazzling assortment of card tricks, sleight of hand, spoon-bending and mind-reading stunts. Sinclair and Segev also use their particular magic skills to deliver messages about empowerment, ... Read More »

He Can Twist a Spoon But Can’t Read Girlfriend

New Delhi, November 18: He bends spoons and forks by just ”concentrating hard”. He touches a man on his nose while person standing next feels it. He can make credit cards ”fly” but Ehud Segev – the ”mentalizer” from Israel – is not a magician but prefers to be called as ”spiritual entertainer”. ”I love to amaze people”, says Segev. ... Read More »

The mentalist and the mayor

Things got a little bent out of shape at Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent Chanukah party at The Jewish Museum. Or at least this spoon held by His Honor did, during a performance by Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer. Segev says “supernatural abilities” allow him to bend metal using telekinesis, a trick first pioneered by another Israeli, Uri Geller. A native ... Read More »

The Mentalizer

There's no easy way to discuss Ehud Segev without first mentioning Uri Geller. Like the fifty-something Geller, 25-year-old Segev is an Israel-born spoon-bender. Unlike Geller – so far, at least – Segev doesn't claim that supernatural powers were given to him by aliens. Segev is a mentalist. The Mentalist, if he has his way. And yes, he can bend spoons. ... Read More »

Mental Energy

Children love magicians, but kids in their tween and teen years have a penchant for those who show off telepathic abilities. (Imagine reading that cute boy's mind!) The Mentalizer, Ehud Segev, comes to New York straight from the land of the Kabbalah, and will amaze even the most skeptical grown-ups in the audience. Even better, the proceeds from the show ... Read More »

The Mentalizer

There's some conflicting depictions  of magic in pop culture these days:On the one  hand, you have the highly publicized, death-defying stunts of David Blaine and Long Islander Criss Angel… Read More »

Mentalize This

Reading minds… bending spoons with no hands… for some kids, weirdness just works. Magician/Kabbalist Ehud Segev has turned it into a career. Read More »

Go Mental

If you are skeptical about magic, bending spoons, reading minds and all of those kinds of things, than The Mentalizer is the show for you. If you believe there is an explanation behind every trick, that every movement is just a sleight of hand, than this show is also for you. If you want to get annoyed over things that ... Read More »

Surprising the skeptical with the supernatural

Mentalist Ehud Segev, an Israeli spiritualist and psychic entertainer, can bend a spoon by staring at it, guess which pop song is in your head, and predict which of 52 cards is in your hand… But in his new off-Broadway show “Anomal”, Segev also shares the high and low points of his life in a series of monologues. We spoke ... Read More »

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