Tuesday , 5 July 2022
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“The Fear of No”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 1

Fear of no

Ehud Segev the Mentalizer talks about a great tip he uses when negotiating. Listen to this interesting concept of negotiation during corona virus to lower your rent or other payments. We are so afraid of hearing the word NO that we sometimes rather not even ask. Wait… Before you go, I would like to ask you to join me on …

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“Story of Struggle”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 2

"Story of Struggle": Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 2

Ehud Segev the Mentalizer shares another great tip he uses when negotiating especially during this covid19 pandemic. Listen to this interesting concept of negotiation during corona virus to lower your rent or other payments by implementing Segev's great concept of SOS: Story of Struggle. While watching this video you'll learn how our story of struggle can help us achieve better …

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“Reasoning”: Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 3

"Reasoning": Negotiation During the Covid19 Pandemic, Part 3

Reasoning is one of the most powerful tools a mentalist uses when he is trying to negotiate a great deal. Check out the 3rd part in Ehud Segev, the Mentalizer, negotiation during covid19 series to learn one of this most important techniques in improving your communication skills while negotiating and get a better deal. Wait… Before you go, I would …

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Powerful Psychological Techniques to Convince People

Movies about successful people have one thing in common – the main/successful character is either a very convincing or smart person. In real life, you probably have met something who could just convince you to do anything. There’s no overstating the power of persuasion. It’s the precise tool that master salesmen, business leaders, and politicians use to beat their path …

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8 Awesome Mind Tricks you can Practice Right Now

Mind tricks – that’s a Mentalizer’s tuff! In fact, you should learn a few mind tricks that you can always pull on people. Mind tricks make you a more likable and interesting person. Mind tricks are the best example of how you can use your brain’s natural quirks to your advantage, and at the same time have a positive impact …

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7 Mental Skills of Highly Successful People

Do you often struggle with your ambitions because you think they might be too hard to achieve? Are you unable to consistently accomplish both your short-term and long-term goals in work, sports, and life? The most successful athletes leverage applied sports psychology. This is a precise art that involves training the mind with the objective of equipping it with profound …

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9 Psychology Truths That Will Blow Your Mind Away

There are few things more interesting than the human mind. Other than perhaps rocket science and astrophysics, the human mind is the most fascinating subject in the universe. Researchers have spent hundreds of years trying to understand the inner workings, strange phenomena and surprising facts regarding to the human mind. Psychologists have come up with these rules that will simply …

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Interpersonal Relations – Lessons from “How to Win Friends & Influence People”

The interpersonal relations you form serve a major role in determining your success in life. Good interpersonal relationships facilitate effective communication and understanding of other people. One of the most impactful learning resources on interpersonal relationships is Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. One thing that’s common about the most successful people in life today is …

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The Secret To Ultimate Freedom

I am in Israel right now, celebrating the Jewish holiday “Sukkot”. According to Wikipedia, the Hebrew word sukkōt is a walled structure covered with palm leaves. The sukkot are intended as a reminiscence of the type of fragile dwellings in which the Israelites dwelt during their 40 years of travel in the desert after the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. As …

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Seeing is Believing: Vision Boards for Smarties

A few years ago, I had an inspiring experience with visualization that I’d like to share with you all today… I enjoy painting very much, and one day I had the strong desire to create something new but didn’t have any idea what I’d like to paint. So, in order to gather some inspiration and motivation, I pulled out a pile …

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