Friday , 4 December 2020
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September 27, 2012 – ISRAEL: Jerusalem Gala

Additional Information: Friends of KeneSki & Tikvot invite you to participate in a festive GALA, September 27th, 2012. The fun filled evening will take place in the beautiful La-Belle Hall, Talpiot, Jerusalem. All of the proceeds will go to Tikvot, an organization which helps rehabilitate wounded soldiers and victims of terror through sports. The GALA includes: Full Reception & Open Bar …

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Ehud in Slovakia: TV MARKÍZA

TV MARKÍZA morning show interview Mentalist Ehud Segev reads the mind of host Lenka as she goes crazy! She can't believe that Segev is entering her deepest thoughts and reading her mind. Behind the scenes:

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August 26, 2012 – Europe: Bratislava, Slovakia

Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs on TV MARKÍZA for Roman and Lenka

TV MARKÍZA morning show interview Behind the scenes: ] Ehud Segev will be performing in “Babylon”, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA at 7PM. Slovensko – židovské noviny DELET v spolupráci s Veľvyslanectvom Izraela na Slovensku pozývajú na: Exkluzívne a jediné predstavenie izraelského mentalistu a iluzionistu, ktorý učaroval celému svetu. Sú veci medzi nebom a zemou, ktoré našej mysli nedávajú zmysel. Existujú však ľudia, …

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