Sunday , 17 January 2021
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Christmas party with the Mentalizer

Christmas show that will leave your audience enthralled!

If you're planning a Christmas party for your company, corporate event or community – you arrived to the right place. The Mentalist Ehud Segev (aka The Mentalizer) is a world renowned super mentalist who performs his shows in theaters and on TV around the world. He is currently booking dates for his Christmas mentalist shows all over the world.


Christmas party ideas are hard to find. But once you see The Mentalizer show, you understand that you don't need to look for anything else when it comes to your upcoming events ideas. You can see The Mentalizer's trailer above and also take your time to surf to the The Mentalist Online Media category where you can watch Ehud's TV shows, theatre productions, read newspaper articles from all over and even learn some mentalist secrets.

The Mentalist Ehud Segev is well known from the international mentalism hit-TV-show “The Successor” that broke all records of ratings in Israel and around the world. He was later featured in the primetime NBC hit “Phenomenon” with Criss Angel and Uri Geller. Segev performed on stages and TV channels all over the world including NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, The History Channel, NDTV (India), STAR, FT1 (France), Channels 1, 2, 10 and 24 (Israel) and many more! If you want to know how to become a mentalist you can get Ehud's great DVD “B.A. Phenomenon” click on The Mentalist Shop.

Mentalist Ehud has premiered his off-Broadway mentalism production “ANOMAL – STORY OF A SUPERNATURAL BOY” in the American Theater of Actors in Time Square and received critical acclaim. He then toured the world performing elements from the show all around North America (including Canada and Mexico), Europe, the Middle East and far-far-away in place like India and Sarajevo.
If you're looking for the best form of entertainment for your next event, look no further. You arrived to the best mentalist in the field!


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