Ehud Segev on East Village Radio - Mentalist Ehud Segev (The Mentalizer) New York City NYC
Wednesday , 5 August 2020

Ehud Segev on East Village Radio


Listen to Mentalist, Ehud Segev, on Andrew Andrew Sound Sound


Our boys, Andrew Andrew Sound Sound, sure have a full plate of funkiness ready for you at 4pm ET today. First, our most immaculately dressed presenters welcome world-renowned mentalist Ehud Segev to do, well, something. Then, the Andrews will be joined by performance artists John Moran and Saori Tsukada, who are about to embark on the very first U.S. tour. As per usual, expect the unexpected on today's installment of Andrew Andrew Sound Sound.

Read on for a little more information about what's going on here.

Born and raised in Israel, Ehud made his New York debut in 2004 with “The Mentalizer Show” which ran on Theatre Row for six months. He returned in 2006 with “Anomal”, which told Ehud's life story in a unique ‘half-play-half-act' concept. “Anomal” received unanimous raves and ran for one month. In 2006 Ehud gained fame for his record-breaking Israeli reality TV series “Ha Yoresh” created to select an official successor to international superstar mentalist Uri Geller. The TV series, which made him a household name in Israel, became the basis for the popular NBC primetime series “Phenomenon” which turned Ehud into an international star. Around the same time Ehud became one of the few entertainers to sign an exclusive contract with the US army to entertain American troops on bases around the world.

His new show, called “THE MENTALIZER”, will give only one performance on Monday, June 27 at 8 PM at the American Theatre of Actors/Chernuchin Theater, 2nd floor, 314 West 54th Street, west of Eighth Avenue. Tickets at $60 are available only through SmartTix.


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