Wednesday , 6 July 2022
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How to become a mentalist

You want to be a Mentalist?

Ehud Segev, the world's greatest mentalist, wants to teach you how.

Segev is currently working on a wonderful guide for regular people, just like you, who wish to study the art and techniques of real Mentalism. Unlike Mentalism for entertainment which is a wonderful world as well, full of tricks and secret methods that are meant to create the illusion of “real” Mentalism.

Be a part of the most thorough and groundbreaking program “How To Be A Mentalist” by clicking here.

Or you can purchase the DVD ‘Be a Phenomenon” to learn tricks of the Entertainment side of Mentalism by following these order instructions:



B.A. Phenomenon is Ehud Segev's instructional DVD teaching everyone mentalist secrets and mentalist techniques so that everyone can learn how to become mentalists using everyday objects. It is a fun DVD that also contains some unique interactive mentalism effects that you can perform over the television – to yourself and your friends! A must have for people who love mentalism…

So if you want to become a mentalist and learn great mentalist secrets and mentalist techniques – you must have this DVD! Get it today!

$20 dollars + $3 dollars shipping and handling. Click here to place an order.


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