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Monday , 1 June 2020

Can I really learn how to read minds?

mind-readingIf you believe mind-reading is a special skill only reserved for psychics and magicians, you are wrong. It’s an innate capability of the human mind. It’s something you’re able to do from deep within. But since you haven’t experimented and trained yourself, you miss it all the time. Reading minds happens at a subtle level. With enough training, focus, time, and a set of other skills, you might be the next mysterious mind-reader in your town. At the very least, you’ll be able to ‘mind-read’ your partner or spouse, or psychoanalyze your friends and colleagues. This article highlights some sensational techniques that you can use to evoke your mind-reading capacity.

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  1. Empty your mind of all thoughts – the idea is to completely clear your mind and remove all worries, so you can be able to focus on the people and possibilities all around you. Try not to feel or think about anything. Become one with your environment and the person whose mind you want to read.
  2. See what you don’t see – at first, see what you can, then focus on what you aren’t. For instance, focus on your subject very closely. Study them, then pay attention to anything else in the environment that’s not that person. If you’re sitting in the living room, observe the chair they’re sitting on, the carpet they’re stepping on, and the newspaper they’re holding. The essence of this is to give you what your subject is and isn’t. If you’re going to be able to read their mind without any interruptions, this is a crucial step.
  3. Look in the eye – now that you’ve prepared, it’s time to make eye contact. Look at your subject in the eye for about 15 seconds then promptly look away. Try to visualize their face in your mind and intently focus on whatever you feel about them. At this point, if you’re doing anything right, you should get tuned to your subject’s thoughts. Let your mind be an empty vessel ready to absorb and accommodate these thoughts.
  4. Get into a conversation – strike a conversation with your subject. As you converse, your mind should be flooded with their feelings, thoughts, plans, and wishes. You have to trust your intuitions and instincts to get it right. None of the thoughts entering your mind should be denied entry. Simply allow them in and then store them in your memory for use later.

Of course, you might not get it right the first few attempts. But the truth is that it doesn’t take a magician to learn how to read minds. All you need is the willingness and drive to count on your intuition and pay attention to what it’s telling you. Practice makes perfect. Try to experiment with different people in different environments. Free up your mind to take in the environment and the person you want to mind read. Without a doubt, you should be able to feel their thoughts, wishes and plans!

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