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LESSON 2: What is the difference between the brain and the mind?

Welcome to the second episode of my program How to be a Mentalizer. My name is Ehud Segev and I have created this program in order to help you learn how to use your mind in order to achieve your goals and dreams.
My first episode was released a week ago, and I received hundreds of emails and messages from my students and fans.
So before we go into the lesson itself, which will give you a head start on some phenomenal brain work, I want to thank all of you who reached out to me in the past few days.

People told me I should charge a lot of money for sharing this knowledge with the world, but after all of us experienced how one little virus can cause the entire world bend on its knees – and for those of you watching this video in 20 years from now I refer to the Covid19 coronavirus who attacked us in the year 2020… Understanding that there’s so much more to life then a financial gain helped me want to share my knowledge and experience with everyone who will put his ‘head’ into it. So are you ready to use your head and join me in this course?

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Now let me ask you… Has anyone ever told you, when you were faced with a difficult problem you didn’t know how to solve, to “Use your head?” This is not a suggestion that you “use your head” to bang it against a wall or pound it against some other hard object. In fact, DO NOT EVER USE YOUR HEAD IN THIS WAY!!!

What this really means is that you should think and use common sense in all situations and circumstances. But it would make much more (common) sense, if instead of saying “use your head,” we said “Use your brain” or “Use your intellect.”
Today, I will teach you the difference between these similar words that reflect an entire different concepts in the Mentalizer’s tool kit.

So many times it happens to us. We forget something, we misplace something. “Darling, where did I put my keys?” oh, you actually put them on the little shelf next to the book I bought you yesterday. Wow, I didn’t remember that… Hey, I remember I came here with my sunglasses… Where did I put it… It actually fell between the monitor and the flowers to your right. Ehud, how do you know all these things???
I don’t have supernatural powers guys, but I do know how to harvest my mind powers to notice and remember.
So how many times, when you misplaced something and couldn’t find it, you were called “absent-minded.”?

Truth is, no matter how forgetful or distracted you may be, you can never be “absent-minded” (or, for that matter, “out of your mind”).

in the literal sense of the word – we each have, as the saying goes, “a mind of our own.” Whether we actually use it to its full potential is another matter.

For a mentalizer, knowing how to harvest the mind’s power is an essential trait. Yes, to do that we must use our head / intellect / common sense, but, as importantly, we must also tap into our mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

As explained in this chapter, the “brain” and the “mind” are two different things, but mentalizers (and human beings in general) use both of them, to varying degrees, in their daily lives, though a mentalizer is actually trained in these techniques.

The reason you are reading my lessons is because you have set a goal to achieve greatness in your life and help others using your mind. This is why, in this lesson, and the next lessons that I will release, you must set time and effort to practice the techniques I teach. I want you to be trained in the Mentalizer techniques so it can become second nature to you.

But before we get to the actual techniques in the next few weeks, I want you to have a strong fundamental of the most important part of Mentalism: I want you to fully understand the difference between the brain and the mind.

“What?!!” There’s a difference between the brain and the mind?
The answer is YES. And right now, guys, you are one of the small percentage of people in the world, who actually know that there’s a HUGE difference between a brain and a mind.

Only by understanding this difference you’ll be able to maximize the power of both.

Ready? Let’s start exploring this… mind-boggling concept!

Mind vs brain

More often than not, we use the words “brain” and “mind” interchangeably, as though there were one and the same.
So let’s stop right now and understand what happens in reality.
In reality, the brain is a physical organ that controls all of our bodily functions, including all the five senses, as well as logic, movement, language, and nervous system. In a way, this wrinkly gray sponge is the boss of your body.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a brain as:
“An organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity.”

Think about it. The heart is not only vital to life itself, it’s an important part of our culture. He’s got a big heart. She is so warm hearted. Nevertheless … the heart is just another body organ. A muscle. A pump. The kidney is a filter; the lung is a bellows; and the GI system a porous tube.

The brain? The brain is the most complicated organ in the universe.
With its 100 “billion” neurons, and 30 “trillion” connections, the brain is able to perform a countless number of functions simultaneously, from regulating our body temperature to giving us the insights and creativity needed to produce incredible art.

But the brain is also the organ which gives rise … to the mind, and the mind is a metaphysical construct which describes the mental functions of the brain.

Yet, for all its mystery, our brain is, and always has been, a survival organ primarily designed to solve problems related to staying alive. Or for many of us, at least long enough to pass on our genes.

It’s the strongest brains, not the strongest bodies that survive and thrive. It’s our ability to solve problems, learn from mistakes, and create alliances with -other brains- that ultimately determines -our- success in life.

But here’s the exciting part of the story. For all its complexity it turns out what we do(!) and learn(!) in life, physically changes what our brain looks like and, how it acts and reacts.
Our experiences, and the memories we take from those experiences, literally rewires our brain—and no two people in the world have the same brain. Not even identical twins.
They share the same DNA, but studies in the past twenty years have shown the various areas of their brains develop differently. Identical twins raised in the same household still develop personality differences in response to their own experiences and memories.

The mind, on the other hand, is not a tangible organ. It doesn’t exist in a physical sense, but it certainly is real in a spiritual one. It enables us to have cognitive awareness, consciousness, thoughts, feelings…

Are the brain and the mind inter-connected? Yes.
They have different tasks, or “job descriptions,” but for us to function well, they have to get along and work together – to be…of one mind!

Let’s consider it: Material and Spritiual. As Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mysticism I studied, refers to it as Wind and Rain.
The wind is the spiritual the rain is the physical. You can feel the wind, but can’t capture it. You can feel the rain, but you can actually capture it. It’s materialistic. It’s of existence.

In a nutshell, the brain is the physical place where the mind “lives,” and the mind is totally dependent on the brain. Since, as I mentioned above, the brain is the boss of our bodies, it is also the mind’s boss.

Think of it in computer terms: the brain develops the hardware on which the mind relies in order to be functional. The mind is the software. You can’t touch it, but it decides, eventually, how the machine will run.

I like to think of the brain as a “tech guy,” kind of a nerd who knows how to program everything so it runs smoothly (maybe that’s why these know-it-all guys are called “brainiacs”).

But the mind is the higher form of intelligence: it knows how to interpret all the signals that the universe is sending to us, while matching it with what our physical body sends to the brain. There may be times that the brain is more like an unruly child, being dragged by the arm out of the grocery store. Who is doing the dragging? Sometimes it’s the influence from the outside world, and sometimes it’s our own mind’s influence from the inner world.

When we fall in love, it’s a mind game.
When we are attracted to someone, that’s a brain game. It’s a physical attraction.
There’s so much to learn about these two, and definitely not something we can go in depth in a short video episode like this, but be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and like my video by clicking here, leave a comment below and ask me specific questions so I’ll be able to create more in depth lessons about specific topics that relates to the brain and mind. And don’t worry, I already have a full lesson written about analyzing love and attraction as Mentalizers. Be sure to also subscribe to get an email notification when I publish my new lessons.

Ok I know what you’re thinking right now… Well, I am the Mentalizer, right? You’re thinking that this thing is a bit too complex.
Well, let’s complicate it just a bit more… the mind could be conscious or unconscious.
No, “unconscious” doesn’t mean it’s lying somewhere in a coma or blackout, unable to function, though “conscious” does imply that it’s aware, alert and “on the job!”

Basically, the conscious mind is used to learn and absorb objective information, which, in a mentalizer’s case, would include subjects like psychology, human behavior, logic, neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, etc. In that sense, the conscious mind is a function of the brain, though, of course the brain is a physical organ and the mind isn’t.

The subconscious (or unconscious) mind is a much more abstract concept, kind of an inner sanctuary where our self-awareness, emotions, spirituality, and imagination float around.
Why is it important for you to know all this (in other words, for your brain to learn this information)? Because before you can become the most amazing mentalizer, before you can master all the techniques, you must first develop your brain as well as conscious and unconscious minds.

Unleashing the full potential of brain and mind

As stated above, the brain and the mind work closely together with each other, and harnessing their powers is an essential skill for a mentalizer.
That’s a no-brainer!

Now, you know that you have a brain as well as a conscious and unconscious mind. That’s a good start but it’s not enough!
In order to be a truly effective mentalizer, you must clear your brain of all the trash that’s polluting it.
I know, that a lot of you are going to unsubscribe from my channel and hate me for saying what I am about to say. A lot of you will not make it. Most of you would rather just stay… random… human beings, who don’t really care about make a difference in the world. And that is absolutely fine… Us, Mentalizers, rely on people like you to keep developing our skills. It’s harder to read another Mentalizer, but it’s very easy to ready random people like… you?

Ok Ehud, what do I need to do to declutter my mind?
Well, thanks for asking… Here’s a list of junk that sits in your brain:

  • Too much TV
  • Computer games
  • Emails
  • Endless scrolling in social media
  • All the other information assaulting us from all sides which clutters our brain and dulls all the senses a mentalizer should possess.

We need clarity.
Mentalizer should have a clean mind and brain… Soul and body. Here’s what you need to become an amazing Mentalizer:
sharp powers of observation, great memory, acuity, physical and emotional awareness – all of which we mentioned in the previous episode. If you haven’t seen my previous episode please watch it and make sure you follow the lessons one by one as my content is building up on top of previous content.
Moving on I want to teach you how you can learn to declutter your brain and mind? First, you have to give up old habits and adapt some new ones. For example, while multi-tasking might help you accomplish more…tasks, it distracts your brain: when it goes in all different directions, it can’t focus on just one important thought, idea, or feeling. The human brain is not programmed to deal with this onslaught, and good concentration is a truly crucial skill for a mentalzer.
So, let’s see what you can do right now, today, to start the process.

  • Number 1 – Prioritizing your tasks and consciously paying your full attention to just one thing at a time. In the beginning it may be difficult not to get distracted but if you keep at it, you’ll get better. You might call it “having a one-track mind!
  • Number 2 – Having a “tunnel vision,” which means looking at just one thing at a time rather than letting your eyes dart all over the place. Train your mind to remember all the details about this one object: its color, shape, fragrance – whatever.
  • Number 3 – Meditating. It may not be easy at first, but if you learn to do this even for brief moments each day, you’ll derive numerous benefits, from better concentration to inner peace.

Let me emphasize it: To be a successful mentalizer, you must whip your brain and mind into a terrific shape!

Start practicing everything you’ve learned from this chapter because very soon you’ll receive the next topic, which will talk in more detail about all the skills and qualities you need to have or develop to succeed at mentalism.

My name is Ehud Segev, I am The Mentalizer. This lesson is not sponsored by anyone, so if you want to support me and help me make this world a better place, you can start by buying one of my books on Amazon. Here's more information about it CLICK HERE.

And remember: to become a mentalizer, you don’t have to be out of your mind…just be mindful!!

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  1. Peter Marengo

    Hi Ehud

    Your videos are engaging and of the appropriate length to prevent distraction and information overload.
    I also like the fact that you have a transcription below the video which makes it easy to summarize the content and help to remember it.

    Some people such as myself have been encouraged by occupational requirement not to use tunnel vision or focus on one aspect of a problem at a time so this concept would now require a change of mindset to become mentally focused and concentrate one thing at a time.

    As you mentioned, this should come with practice but are there any specific techniques you could recommend to help achieve this focus?

    Thanks for the great content and looking forward to learn more.


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