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LESSON 5: Memory | Part 1

Remember Everything by Understanding How Memory Work

Is memory real? What do you really remember from your past? Do we really remember what happened to us or do we invent our past by writing it as we’re pleased? How the brain works and what IS memory? And can our brain remember everything we want it to remember? In today’s lesson I am going to explode your mind with some fascinating information and my unique approach to Brain memory versus Mind memory. Get a pen and paper, and let's begin.

My name is Ehud Segev and you are reading lesson 5 of my program How to be a Mentalizer. Last week we discussed what you will need in order to be able to read people’s minds, know and remember what they are thinking. To master people reading, you must have a super memory. No, super memory is not something you are born with. It’s something that us, Mentalizers, develop. It sometimes takes a few years to get to the super memory level you need, but today we will expedite this process by beginning to develop a new state of mind. We will understand what is memory and how the universe created us so we can program our mind to remember better. How exciting is that? But as always, if this article was recommended to you by Google or a different search engine and you’ve never read my articles before you shouldn’t continue and read this lesson. It will hurt your ability to master what I teach. 

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Each lesson in my program is building on top of previous lessons and you might get lost if you’re not diligently following all the steps from lesson 1 forward, practicing my lessons as much as needed to master the special techniques and knowledge I share.

No worries, you’ll get back to this lesson in no time!

To my existing students, I hope you’ve studied my previous lessons and tried to remember everything I discussed. Moving forward, I promise you, it’ll be easier. As we are going to understand our memory process better and take full advantage of it.

If you think that creating memories is something new, think again.

Even in the old testament, in Megillat Esther chapter 6 it is describing the night when King Ahasuerus was sleepless, and requested that the “סֵפֶר הַזִּכְרֹנוֹת דִּבְרֵי הַיָּמִים” (book of remembrances or memories) be read to him.

The greatest leaders of the ancient world needed it to recall events and pull up old memories… And sometimes… listen carefully, to change memories. what? Change people's memories? Yes..

One of my favorite musicals on Broadway is “Wicked – the untold story of the wizard of oz”. In one of the songs the wizard is saying 

“where I'm from, we believe all sorts of things that aren't true … We call it “history.”

A man's called a traitor or liberator
A rich man's a thief or philanthropist
Is one a crusader or ruthless invader?
It's all in which label
Is able to persist

“Wicked” The Musical, the song “Wonderful”

Ask the presidents of the USA and Russia who won the 2nd world war and you will see for yourself. We write our memories as we want them to appear in the book of history.

And even more astonishing to discover that not only ancient kings used to change memories. You – are doing it too. You did it last year, last month, yesterday and even right now. You keep changing what you remember. You are rewriting your book of memories. Stop for a moment. Remember that you once had an idea that seemed amazing to you and you thought how creative you are… when all-of-a-sudden you were surprised to find that someone had already thought of it or said it before you. Unpleasant to admit, but you may have heard it subconsciously and thought you came up with the idea … in many cases you may have even taken the original idea and changed it to something really original. You're not alone. Nothing I teach has come to me through heaven even though many times I feel as if I'm a messenger or a channel broadcasting directly to you from the universe. But that is not the reality. The reality is that my subconscious and I are nourished by the thousands of memories we have experienced over the last 40 years. These memories are being distilled into a new formation of knowledge which is what I call the Mentalizer knowledge. The connection between the spiritual and the scientific. And in science it has recently been proven that a person is only able to remember a small percentage of the information he receives. If I tell you 10 things right now, you'll be able to easily remember 4. If you try you'll recall 6. And if you really concentrate you will remember 8 but it won't be a few minutes till you forget all of them. Why? What happens in the brain that prohibits you from remembering? 

As Mentalizers we need to know that most people forget a big chunk of their memories and actually start inventing memories to fill in the blanks. There's nothing wrong with that. This is the nature of our brain. To fill in the blanks, to invent memories as needed. You are building a history that did not really exist.

It is how we pave our path in this world. Each memory we create is a landmark, a roadsign.

Different memories become milestones. Eventually drafting our own unique habits, confidence or lack of confidence, our ego.

So some of our memories are going into our brain memory and will be fogrotten as soon as they got there. These are the memories I refer to as Shotem. Shotem and Lotem. Remember these two words. That’s my way to describe short term memory which is our brain memory, and long term memory which is stored in our mind’s memory. 

Shotem brain memory is being erased every time our brain needs to store new data.

Lotem mind memory will never fade.

There’s a wonderful professor, Erik Kandel who won a nobel prize for his brain studies and revelations. His studies used snails. I’m still trying to get him to interview in my YouTube channel but he is older now and I find it hard to reach him, so if you have connections to him let me know 🙂 

To make a long story short Eric found that as the snail learned, chemical signals changed the structure of the connections between cells, known as synapses, where the signals are sent and received. He went on to show that short-term and long-term memories are formed by different signals. It just proved my ongoing approach for Shotem and Lotem. 

When you’re meeting a friend in the street and saying, Hi how are you, no matter what they will end up saying, most likely you wouldn’t really care. It’s what we like to call ‘small talk’. It has no meaning. Empty and meaningless. So our mind doesn’t register it.

However, when something of great importance happens, like a first kiss or a time when we were rejected, it’s important enough for our mind to keep a registry of that so we can continue to evolve and become stronger and better.

It’s the way our body adjusts and becomes more fit for reality.

In future episodes I will go deeper into this, as Lotem is the only memory you want to tap into especially when it comes to helping other people. Consider the fact that if you didn’t change the way someone’s brain is wired in your communication with them, you didn’t fulfill your purpose. But that’s an entire big subject by itself and off subject in this specific lesson.

Let’s talk for a second about the way our brain creates memories. 

What's so interesting about it? That eventually at some point you begin to believe in the memories you create, in the history you are rewriting as if it actually happened.

You understand what I am explaining to you?

Most of your memories have nothing to do with reality as funny as it may sound !!!

That is, our psyche has created a past for us.

We are convincing ourselves that our freshly invented past is who we really are and this is how an ego is created.

Ego. I could never find a better way to explain it, but now it might be easier than ever:

Ego is the distance between who we really are and who our brain is trying to convince us that we are.

Ok. Let's stop for a minute and answer the following question, and for those of you who watch the premiere live with other students write the answer in the comments below:

Do you know anyone whose past events have influenced their decision making?

Has it ever happened to you that something from the past affected you so much that it made you feel really bad physically?

Do you know someone whose past has worsened their health? That merely thinking of whatever happened in their past, literally made them sick?

That is the proof that the past and our memories have such a strong physical, physical effect, on our present, not to mention the future.

In other words, the past for most of us is the present.

And if the thoughts of the past, which no longer exist because it is in the past, are capable of making us sick, would you not agree with me that we can produce thoughts that will make us heal?

Our job as Mentalizers is to fix this. A mentalizer should detach the past from the present so as not to impair present decision-making. 

Impairment in present decision making will result in severe harm in the future.

Ok, this is going to different areas which we will try to explore in the future. I want to bring you back to the present and continue developing your super memory.

Let's move on to some of the secret techniques used by the greatest memorizers in the world. Only we'll take it to other levels that no one has done before. Of course, in order to stay up to date with the techniques and content that I deliver every week, it is highly recommended that you sign up for free at www.mentalizer.com/memory.


Those who read about memory will find a lot of information about how to remember better. But no one will talk to you about what I’m going to teach you. It is called MIND MEMORY. By understanding the difference between the two we can really leverage our own ability to memorize things. 

First we need to register the data. Then we need to recall it.

We will use associations to register it into the LoTem. 

I had a big conflict if to shoot this lesson or to wait with it till after the PRESENCE lesson as these two are very much connected. You really must be present to register the information into your brain. But, I decided to do this lesson first as I wanted to start creating our memory system together while we learn new methodologies in the future. So for now just keep in mind that the best memory registry comes to people who are truly present and aware.

When we try to remember something, we automatically register this piece of information in our Brain Memory. How are memories stored in the brain? The answer might be surprising as you need to understand that the brain is just a tool, and just like a computer it has RAM which stands for Random Access Memory. You might have 8gigs of ram or 64gigs, each one and their own brain… or… computer 😉 but eventually this ram is being filled with information and you can’t seem to remember or recall specific things you registered to it. Also, as we get older, our RAM capacity decreases and we tend to forget – or to be honest – to remember less and less. 

This is because we use our BRAIN MEMORY.

Today we will learn how to register into the most fascinating part of our being – our mind memory. Isn’t that exciting?

Close your eyes and remember your first kiss. Remember what it made you feel. Remember how happy you were for days to come… Remembering that kiss. I bet you can remember the smell of the other person… The taste. This memory is not a normal one. It is a mind memory written in the deepest part of the Lotem. The long term memory storage.

People can’t forget certain things because of the emotional registry. 

This is the difference between the brain memory and the mind memory. 

And an emotion is not something you can read or just see. It’s all senses combined. It’s creation. Our brain creates an entire atmosphere so it can use it later to adapt to different situations and circumstances. Is what happening to me right now resembles one of these emotional memories I experienced before? The smell? The sounds?

To create a mind memory we must connect as many senses as we can.

A Mentalizer has a memorizing state of mind. It’s a mind thing, no longer a brain thing. The brain will forget very fast, the mind will remember and “REGISTER” on a subconscious level. 

A good Mentalizer knows how to Recall information from that subconscious bank.

Please watch lesson 2 again Brain Vs. Mind.


It’s a completely different state of mind. Mentalizers rely on mind memory to recall memories and remember information. Let’s start by emphasizing that what the brain forgot a long long time ago, the mind still remembers. However, we have no direct access to our mind memory so we rely on our brain to pull this information.

It’s not our fault that our brain doesn’t want to remember all the data we throw into it. It’s the way it was programmed from when we were little.

I will prove this to you right now. Get a piece of paper and a pen and let's try something.

I want you to look at the following image:

Now look at this one:

Now I want you to draw the first image you saw next to the second one without looking at them again.

WHAT? Ehud you’re crazy… I don’t remember how to draw it.

Unless… You’re chinese. Because if you were chinese you would be able to immediately draw these two without even thinking twice. Ok.

Now look at this image:

And at this one:

Now, you may draw these two images for me.

Most likely you will be able to draw it perfectly, or close enough.


What’s the difference between these two sets of images?

I’ll tell you exactly what the difference is. There is none.

The truth is that there is no actual difference between them. They are the same idea. This is TREE in Chinese, and this is HOUSE in Chinese. But your brain never learned to recognize the chinese images as tree and house so your brain didn’t have the mechanism to recall this data.

It’s like trying to drill a hole in the wall with a spoon. The tool wasn’t manufactured to perform this specific task.

So first we need to acknowledge the fact that we have a tool and we need to reprogram certain aspects of it in order to achieve our goal.

No worries, in just a few weeks your brain will be reprogrammed SO GOOD you’ll blow away your friends by being able to remember random things and recall them at any time.

So let’s build on this some more now…

I heard something nice someone once said.

He said that we remember – 

  • 10% of what we read
  • 20% of what we hear
  • 30% of what we see
  • 50% of what we see and hear
  • 70% of what we discuss 
  • 80% of what we experience (remember what we’ve discussed before about creating a full senses memory experience)
  • 95% of what we teach others which is an interesting concept.

It’s not exact but it’s nice and it brings me back to the idea that our brain needs much more than just to read or see something. We have 5 senses and we need to use them all in order to achieve a super memory. We will convert some information into sounds too so we can hear it in our minds and not just visualize it.

We need to use the limited brain memory abilities in order to access our mind memory. in the next lesson I will share a system with you called the Major System. We will create roadsigns using images and sounds that will connect our brain to our mind. Just like every memory is a roadsign in our lives – this is how we will take specific signs and make each of these signs a door into the mind. We will be developing this method lesson after lesson. I will devote a time in each one of the future lessons to discuss another memory roadsign, or door into our mind memory. 

I am so sorry that I must break these lessons apart in such a way, because I have so much content to give and time doesn’t permit me to do so. My lessons are already pretty long and your time is precious as well. I want to break it up in a way that will make it easier for you to adapt the techniques and implement it in your daily routines.

Let me just promise you that all these small bits of information that you acquire from me now, will add up and build into something so great and so wonderful that eventually you’ll be happy you spent all this time with me.

Keep practicing everything you’re learning from my lessons because very soon you’ll receive part 2 of this lesson, which will actually go deep into the Major System technique and we will practice it together in the lesson itself.

Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share my lessons and videos with your friends to keep spreading the knowledge. And hit that bell button on YouTube to be notified of future lessons. It will also be nice to see you on my social media channels, simply search for THE MENTALIZER on twitter, facebook and instagram. Until next week, good bye!

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