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Saturday , 8 August 2020

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Hi, my name is EHUD SEGEV also known as the Mentalizer.
Everybody always ask me why they call me “The Mentalizer”. Its actually a combination of two words that the media decided to give me after I predicted the election results in Israel. They called me “The Mental Analyzer” which soon shortened to the Mentalizer.

Wait… Before you go, I would like to ask you to join me on my journey to making this world a better place. I'm releasing new mentalizing content every week, teaching my students how to use Mentalism and the power of the mind to become more successful and help other people around them. Please join me by subscribing so I can update you about every new lesson I'm releasing… CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

But my dream was not to predict the future… My dream was to change the future.

I was born in Israel, in a country surrounded by enemies. I experienced the pain of war and lost the closest people to me. My friends died young in the army, in terror attacks and a few years ago my only brother was killed in a stupid war.

One thing I realized in my life, is that you never get a second chance to live your life to the fullest. My dream is to change the future. To change our future.
I perform as a mentalist, that's how I make my living. And I'm making a lot of money. And I get to experience the entire world. I met people in each and every corner of this planet. And learned from all of them.

I learned that no matter where you are – you can be a success. You can live your dream.
So ask yourself a simple question right now… Are you living your childhood dream? Or something changed along the path?
Something was lost and you find yourself living your life on autopilot?
Do you wake up every morning with hope for a better day then yesterday?

I made a career out of being extraordinary.
Being supernatural.
I turned my life into a journey of happiness and never ending fulfillment.

But I have a secret too… You can call it a dark secret! 🙂

Being on stage, doing all these tricks with the mind and making you laugh, is not what makes me happy and fulfilled. It's what happens after that does the job: it's the minute I make you my friend and I teach you and learn from you.

Being successful isn't a goal. It's a way of life. I learned that in a Chinese fortune cookie. And I want you to join me on this way of life.
Literally, I want you to be on my side in my journey.
I know I can't – actually – put you into my suitcase, but thanks to todays technology I can almost do that! If you just put your name and email address bellow, I promise to make you my journeys companion.

You will feel as if you're right there by my side, in my good times and my bad… You'll learn the easy way, the things I learned the hard way, and maybe, you'll be able to give me some advise yourself along the way!
Join me. If you've seen me on tv, on stage or maybe you just met on the street – I invite you to be a part of the my journey. Put your name and email bellow and get Mentalized!

I can't wait to see you by my side!



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