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Sunday , 15 December 2019
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Social Benefits of Laughter

Laughter, like yawn, is very contagious. The sound of a crispy laughter even without knowing what’s the funny thing is very much infectious just like the chuckle of a baby. Laughter, as most people say, is the best medicine (and a free one!) because of the priceless benefits it can bring to one’s health. It boosts immune system, improves the function of ... Read More »

Body Language Facts About Eye Contact

Human eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Eyes are so powerful that it can express lots of feelings. It can bring comfort, it can hurt, it can make you fall in love, or it can frighten you. You can lie to your feelings but in the body language of the eye, you cannot hide anything. Although ... Read More »

Ways Body Language Can Help You Convey Power at Work

Body language plays a big role in sending a message and conveying an expression. Did you know that approximately 55% of expressing a message comes from the body language and only 45% comes from verbal expression? It’s a big fact most of us do not know. Many are not aware that body language has a bigger impact in showing communication ... Read More »

Being Sensitive: How to Comfort a Sad Friend

Friends should not only be present on happy moments. A true friend is always there through thick and thin. Showing affection to a friend especially at its saddest and lowest moments in life is very overwhelming not only to the one that needs comfort but also to the one who gives comfort. This is a great chance to show how ... Read More »

How to Approach Someone When You Have Hurt Their Feelings

When you hurt someone else’s feelings, talking to him/her sometimes makes you feel skeptical because maybe you do not know how to approach him/her. Sometimes it is very awful because you do not know how he/she will react. Apologizing to the one you’ve hurt, whether you receive forgiveness or not, is the best thing to do. It may or may ... Read More »

Body Language Tips: Dealing With Difficult People

People that are difficult to deal with are everywhere. They can be one of your workmates or colleague, one of your family members, or you may just bump in somebody you do not know in public places. Dealing with these kinds of people challenge and provoke your patience and trigger your anger. When your ego gets hurt and your temper ... Read More »

Body Language Tricks that will Make Anyone Like You

Action definitely speaks louder than words as it captures everybody’s attention even without speaking a word. Mostly, people will create their first impression upon you on your first meeting and sometimes that will never change as the saying goes “first impressions last”. For this reason, you have to create a very good impression when you first meet because you get ... Read More »

Interview Body Language Tips

To land a job successfully takes many factors according to body language professionals. They say a big factor are the non-verbal actions taken during the personal interview. According to Carol Kinsey Goman, a body language expert, the first 7 minutes of the interview are the most crucial part of a job interview because it can make or break your chances ... Read More »

Body Language Tips for Making a Positive First Impression

Simply being knowledgeable about a particular subject or your business proposal or having a warm personality is not enough when it comes to making a positive first impression. It is a big plus if you can incorporate body language into it. Here are some body language tips that you can apply to improve and add more life to your daily ... Read More »

Body Language Can Speak Volumes in Business

Being conscious of the body language you are expressing to whom you are speaking with or to a big crowd can make an impact in relation to the goal you have in mind. This means that you should not be careless with your posture, your facial expression as well as with your gesture when you are interacting with your business ... Read More »

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