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Sunday , 15 December 2019
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Your Words VS Your Body Language

Some people wonder that while they are knowledgeable about a particular subject and honestly believe that they have done their job, they still fail on closing that sale or getting the audience’s attention. One factor may be that their body is saying something differently as opposed to what they are trying to tell their audience. This can definitely break a ... Read More »

Body Language Secrets to Make Them Trust You

Body language will always be a contributing factor to how people you interact with respond to you. By being familiar with the different body languages that people display, it will help you figure out what they are possibly thinking or feeling at a given time which can help you determine how best to interact and respond to them.  Eye Contact: ... Read More »

Body Language Tips: Handling Emotional Outbursts

While emotional outbursts are counter-productive in general, there will be times wherein you have to learn how to deal with it. This can either be you personally experiencing it or maybe a stressed out subordinate of yours or a business partner. Regardless, it is important that you are able to spot behavior that may potentially lead to emotional outbursts and ... Read More »

Tricks To Appear More Confident

If you are one of those individuals who have trouble being confident or at least appearing confident then you may want to apply some of these tricks as you interact with different people. Speak Slowly: You do not have to talk in a sloth-like pace but remember that people who talk too fast are often perceived as people who are ... Read More »

Building Your Brand With Positive Body

It was only a few years ago that the general populace has discovered how much impacting body language is when it comes to getting favorable outcome especially when it comes to business. Prior, people were only focused on polishing their marketing strategies and sales talk not paying much attention on how their body behaved or posed as they are executing ... Read More »

Deceptive Body Language Secrets

While learning the different body languages and being able to identify them as they are demonstrated by people an advantage when it comes to strengthening relationships with different people, studying body language also protects you from a message cluster of body language referred to as deceptive body language. So what are the physical signs or behavior that you should look ... Read More »

Confident Body Language

Not everyone is born confident and the fact is that there are people who may sound and appear confident but are actually not confident. These are the people who know how important expressing and exuding an aura of confidence is. You may be knowledgeable when it comes to a particular subject but if your audience senses that you are not ... Read More »

Common Gestures and Signs of Aggressive Body Language

The third sub-category of the message cluster aggressive body language focuses more on subtle gestures as oppose to more visible general movements or postures. As what was discussed with the previous aggressive body language subjects, there are three sub-categories of the aggressive body language and the third one, referred to as “Gestures”, are actually made up of a lot of ... Read More »

Aggressive Body Language Secret: Invasion

We had just recently talked about message clusters; clusters or a group of body language which translates to the general disposition of an individual and how efficient and effective it is to view and categorize a person’s general behavior by observing the overall posture and behavior of a person. In addition, we also have delved a bit on one of ... Read More »

Message Clusters: The Aggressive Body

Now that you are already familiar with most of the different body languages that different people exhibit, being able to deduce a person’s current mental and emotional state in a short period of time just by simply looking at his or her general posture is more efficient. Time is of the essence and not all people will continue to display ... Read More »

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