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Wednesday , 8 April 2020
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Body Language Facts About Eye Contact

Human eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Eyes are so powerful that it can express lots of feelings. It can bring comfort, it can hurt, it can make you fall in love, or it can frighten you. You can lie to your feelings but in the body language of the eye, you cannot hide anything. Although ... Read More »

Body Language Secrets to Make Them Trust You

Body language will always be a contributing factor to how people you interact with respond to you. By being familiar with the different body languages that people display, it will help you figure out what they are possibly thinking or feeling at a given time which can help you determine how best to interact and respond to them.  Eye Contact: ... Read More »

Eye Reading Body Language

Body language is not limited to keeping a confident posture or leaning forward when in a business meeting. The fact is that people can deduce another person’s state just by observing the other person’s eyes. There are a number of things that you should know when it comes to eye body language. Pupils: This is one of those body parts ... Read More »

Powerful Methods To Correct Bad Body Language

Not everyone is adept when it comes to executing the perfect body language to win their boss’ or neighbor’s good side. Below are bad body language and tips on how to correct them. Avoiding Eye Contact This communicates lack of self confidence and discomfort and the easiest way to rectify this is of course, to start making eye contact with ... Read More »

Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You

It is always a great feeling to know that people like and admire you. It makes you feel more confident and increases your self-esteem. Though it may appear to be rocket science for a lot of people, being conscious of the different body languages and how they influence other’s perception of you can make a big difference. By knowing how ... Read More »

How To Make A Good Impression With Your Body Language

Body language often communicates people’s true objectives better than what they say to each other. And it is common knowledge that first impressions are very vital when it comes to establishing rapport with others, especially in business. It is important that you are conscious of your body language and what they imply towards those whom you interact with. Confidence: It ... Read More »

Truth About Body Language: Every Move Speaks Loud and Clear

Knowing how to properly express your body language to improve your interaction or relationship with the people around you is important. At the same time, it is equally paramount that you know how to identify the meaning behind people’s behavior. Being aware of the different body languages that people exhibit and the meaning they convey can make a big difference ... Read More »

Body Language That Projects Success

If you want to give people the impression that you are someone successful or you want to convince them to follow your example, then you should project the following body language: Stand Tall and Take Up Space One way of giving people the impression that you are someone who has status and power is by having an upright posture. This ... Read More »

4 Ways To Use Body Language To Get What You Want

There are several ways for a person to get the reaction he or she wants when interacting with another. And the thing is that these methods do not even involve that much effort on your part or need you to talk that much. Some of these body language involves:  Eye Contact Knowing when to make eye contact and how long ... Read More »

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