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Monday , 10 August 2020

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LESSON 1: What is Mentalism?

How to be a Mentalist? Full lesson by world renowned mentalizer and motivational speaker Ehud Segev

Welcome to my brand new, exciting program that will give you an “inside” glimpse into the fascinating world of mentalism.As I travel and give performances around the world, many people who come to see my shows ask me what it takes to become a “mentalizer” (conjecture of the words “mental” and “analyzer”) like myself. Are you one of those people …

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Can I really learn how to read minds?

If you believe mind-reading is a special skill only reserved for psychics and magicians, you are wrong. It’s an innate capability of the human mind. It’s something you’re able to do from deep within. But since you haven’t experimented and trained yourself, you miss it all the time. Reading minds happens at a subtle level. With enough training, focus, time, …

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