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Monday , 13 July 2020

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Body Language: Introvert or Disinterest?

Body language is the main culprit when people sense what you're up to. Body language plays a big role in nonverbal communication, where you leave things unsaid. It can usually be detected by your tone, pitch, facial expression and even the way you stand. These are all signs that people miss when they solely rely on voice during communication. Most …

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Powerful Methods to Improve Unfavorable Body Language

The things that people say to one another influences how interpersonal relationships go and while knowing what to say at the right time certainly increases the chances of building good rapport with your audience, non-verbal cues can also be as impacting as what you say and sometimes, even more so. However, it is also important to be able to distinguish …

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Good Results with Positive Body Language

Being able to determine and identify the different body languages that people express either knowingly or unknowingly has its merits. But knowing how to properly and express positive body language at the right time and around the right people can deliver positive results. Business Meetings: A lot of seasoned businessmen and professionals are adept when it comes to identifying and …

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