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Monday , 13 July 2020

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Body Language Secrets: Reading Foot Movement

Welcome back to another interesting body language session! Were you able to enjoy our last body language subject? Today, we are going to focus on another inconspicuous body part when it comes to the art of body language; the foot. You are probably thinking that this is already going overboard but truth be told that yes, the foot has its …

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Powerful Methods To Correct Bad Body Language

Not everyone is adept when it comes to executing the perfect body language to win their boss’ or neighbor’s good side. Below are bad body language and tips on how to correct them. Avoiding Eye Contact This communicates lack of self confidence and discomfort and the easiest way to rectify this is of course, to start making eye contact with …

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4 Ways To Use Body Language To Get What You Want

There are several ways for a person to get the reaction he or she wants when interacting with another. And the thing is that these methods do not even involve that much effort on your part or need you to talk that much. Some of these body language involves:  Eye Contact Knowing when to make eye contact and how long …

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