Thursday , 29 October 2020
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Thanks for joining my exclusive secret club and becoming a student in my top of the art Mentalism Program! You have made a decision that will change your life forever!

Get ready to receive the most profound and fascinating lessons in sought after art of pure Mentalism. Warning: If you're looking for Mentalism ‘tricks' – this is not the course for you! This is an educational program that will go deep into the art of pure Mentalism, the human mind and the language that most people forgot how to speak. The language of universal signs.

From now on, you'll receive periodically lessons from me as well as updates about the great things that are happening to me – personally – in my travels as a world-class Mentalist.

BUT!!! Remember the time when someone submitted a form, and bam—they’re added to a list? There are too many chances for someone to get signed up to a list without their permission, either erroneously or maliciously. For me those days are gone…  I get too much spam and I will never be a spammer! That's why I want to make sure again and again that you want to receive emails from me!

Please confirm that it is really YOU who submitted that email. I will send you a confirmation email within a few minutes, make sure you click on the link to confirm your subscription and I will be your friend forever and ever… Or till the “unsubscribe” link will do us a part! 🙂

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