Friday , 30 September 2022
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How to become a mentalist

$ 14.97

B.A. Phenomenon is Ehud Segev’s instructional DVD teaching everyone mentalist secrets and mentalist techniques so that everyone can learn how to become mentalists using everyday objects. It is a fun DVD that also contains some unique interactive mentalism effects that you can perform over the television – to yourself and your friends! A must have for people who love mentalism…

So if you want to become a mentalist and learn great mentalist secrets and mentalist techniques – you must have this DVD! Get it today!

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You want to be a Mentalist?

Ehud Segev, the world’s greatest mentalist, wants to teach you how.

This is a FUN dvd that will teach you simple tricks and effects that anyone can perform!

Ehud Segev's anticipated INSTRUCTIONAL dvd, revealing some of his favorite mindgames!
In this DVD Ehud takes advantage of 3D animation to create some unique interactive mental-magic with the people at home, as well as having them perform WITH him and amaze their friends.
This is a great DVD that will only have 300 units to keep it as a limited edition.


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