Friday , 30 September 2022
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Secrets of the Voice

$ 3.99

The voice is a powerful communication tool – if you know how to analyze it and use it effectively yourself.

Secrets of the Voice is a compelling guide to five essential elements that, once mastered, will help you analyze the mindset of people around you, and use your own vocal skills to influence others.

Written by a world-renowned mentalist and bestselling author Ehud Segev, the book provides “insider” tips to discover people's true personalities through their speech patterns, as well as develop a strong and persuasive voice that will grab, engage, and inspire your listeners every time you speak.

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Ehud Segev's Amazon #1 Bestseller book! Still! 6 months as a number #1 bestseller, and it stays at the top of the list!

This is THE ONLY GUIDE out there that will teach you, step by step, how to ‘analyze' human thoughts and feelings based on the sound of their voice. You will never ‘listen‘ the same again!

  • Would you like to have the ability to “peer” inside people's minds and “read” their thoughts based on the sound of their voice?
  • Do you want audiences to “hang on” to your every word with interest and attention?

You can!


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